Getting to know your cat: An introduction to feline behaviour


Ever wondered how well you really know your cat? Then this course is for you! Aimed at cat owners and feline enthusiasts, this course will give you an introduction into the reasons cats behave in the way they do and how we as owners can best provide for their behavioural needs.


Written based on work by leading feline behaviour experts including Dr Sarah Ellis, Dr John Bradshaw and Vicky Halls, this course provides you with the most up to date knowledge.


Who can do this course?

  • This course is open to anyone with an interest in cats, including those who work or volunteer with cats, own cats or is just a cat enthusiast!


Please note if you currently work with cats and would like to learn about feline behaviour in greater depth we have a tutor led course Advanced Feline Behaviour for Cat Professionals. 


If you are a veterinary professional and want to learn more about feline behaviour in greater depth we have a tutor led course Advanced Feline Behaviour for Veterinary Professionals.


The course will cover the following Modules



  • Module 1: What am I and where did I come from?
    • Learning about the behavioural ecology, evolution and domestication of the cat will help you understand what makes a cat a cat.
  • Module 2:  Senses and communication
    • Getting to grips with the feline senses and how they are utilised in communication will help you understand the best ways to interact with cats, as well as how to manage cat–cat relationships.

  • Module 3: Understanding welfare and emotions
    • By being able to recognise the different emotions cats can feel enables us to assess our cats welfare.

  • Module 4: Creating a cat friendly home
    • Put your newly found knowledge into practice and develop the skills to help cats lead as stress-free lives as possible at home.

  • Module 5: Behaviours that cause problems
    • By gaining an understanding of problem behaviours in cats – how to prevent them, what causes them, what behavioural first aid is appropriate and when more specialist help is needed – you will be better equipped to take the right action.

Further information

  • This course is on-demand- the course materials will be available as soon as you register.

  • The course is self-paced which allows the learner to study at their own pace without set deadlines. At the end of each module, there is a short quiz which you need to pass to move on to the next module.

  • Learners have 6 months from registration to complete the course, and on successful completion will receive a downloadable certificate.

  • The course consists of course materials and short multiple choice quizzes.


Important information


While the course is designed to give the learner an overview of the various problem behaviours can occur in cats, the course is not designed to teach you to become a qualified cat behaviourist. However, it will be of great use for anyone wishing to pursue a career in clinical animal behaviour or for those already qualified, by providing a solid foundation in many aspects of cat behaviour.

Price: £99.00