ISFM Certificate in Feline Nursing


The ISFM Certificate in Feline Nursing is aimed at Veterinary Nurses and technicians with a particular interest in cats.

The course provides a detailed introduction to feline health, welfare and behaviour and should help nurses to improve the care of cats within their practice and considerably expand their knowledge and understanding of this complex but fascinating species.

Course Outline

The course consists of six modules released over a period of 1 year:

Module 1: Understanding feline behaviour
Understanding feline behaviour and its relevance to veterinary practice and your clients, what makes a cat a cat? Learning and social behaviour in cats: behavioural problems and how to solve them.

Module 2: How to make a practice ‘Cat Friendly’
Cat friendly practice principles will improve the handling and care of cats in your practice.

Module 3: Practical feline nursing 1
This module covers preventative healthcare, clinical examination and practical cat handling.

Module 4: Practical feline nursing 2
Module 4 looks at feline specific pharmacology, analgesia and fluid therapy along with laboratory techniques and interpretation.

Module 5: Common infectious and non-infectious diseases in cats
This module is all about infectious and non-infectious diseases of cats. In this module we'll cover the common complaints> Nursing sick cats requires you to understand what is wrong with them, so we have included diagnostic information as well as treatment to give you a broad overview.

Module 6: Feline nutrition in practice
Cats are not small dogs! Module 5 focuses on the specific nutritional requirements of cats and what happens when we get nutrition wrong.

Start Date

The next course starts on the 3rd March 2022

Course Details

  • Online access
  • Access to discussion boards available throughout the course
  • With six weeks to complete each module, this course allows you to be flexible around work and life commitments.
  • For each module you will recieve personalised feedback from our expert markers
  • On completion on this course veterinary nurses can use the post-nominals ISFMCertFN.


Further Info

Please check you have understood and you meet all advertised prerequisites for the course. Please also read the terms and conditions for our distance education courses.

  • Course fees must be paid in full before the course start date.
  • Students must stick to the course deadlines as we will be unable to offer extensions. In extenuating circumstances, and at the discretion of the course director, we may consider deferral to the next cohort for a fee of £125 plus VAT. Places on the course can only be deferred for one year and on one occasion only.
  • Please be aware that there will be no refund if the course is not started or completed unless there are extraordinary circumstances and this is at the discretion of International Cat Care.

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69 seats available.
Price: £650.00