ISFM Certificate in Feline Nursing


The Certificate in Feline Nursing consists of 6 modules which you work through over a period of 1 year and is aimed at nurses in training or qualified with a paraticular interest in cats. A module is released every 8 weeks and you have 6 weeks to complete the assessments for each module. Your assessment results are published 4 weeks after the deadline. For example, module 1 is available from 7th March 2019, the assessment deadline is  18th April 2019, and your results will be available on 2nd May 2019. Module 2 will be available from 2nd May 2019 and so on

Modules covered include:

  1. Understanding feline behaviour and its relevance to veterinary practice and your clients: what makes a cat a cat? Learning and social behaviour in cats: behavioural problems and how to solve them.
  2. How to make a practice ‘Cat Friendly’: Cat friendly practice principles will improve the handling and care of cats in your practice.
  3. Practical feline nursing 1: preventative healthcare, clinical examination and practical cat handling.
  4. Practical feline nursing 2: feline specific pharmacology, analgesia and fluid therapy along with laboratory techniques and interpretation.
  5. Common infectious and non-infectious diseases in cats.
  6. Feline nutrition in practice: cats are not small dogs! Specific nutritional requirements of cats and what happens when we get nutrition wrong.

The course provides a detailed introduction to feline health, welfare and behaviour and should help you improve the care of cats within your practice and considerably expand your knowledge and understanding of this complex but fascinating species. 

Nurses completing this course can use the post-nominals ISFMCertFN.

Enrollment not open yet.
Price: £590.00