Designed for veterinary surgeons and nurses/technicians (including students), this course consists of 6 modules:

  1. Origins of cats – covering evolution and domestication to help you understand what makes a cat a cat
  2. Feline behaviour – understanding behavioural development, natural behaviours, how cats interact and feline stress
  3. The cat’s journey through the practice – a step by step walk through the clinic to make the cats journey as stress free as possible
  4. Cat friendly handling – learn how to handle cats with the respect they deserve right through from getting them out of the carrier to putting them back in
  5. Client communication – understand a cat owners point of view and help to improve owner compliance
  6. Cat friendly clinic – introducing the cat friendly clinic programme and how to put everything you have learnt on the course into practice

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the origins and natural behaviours of the cat
  • Help improve the health and welfare of cats
  • Be able to provide the best environment for cats visiting the practice
  • Appreciate the cat as a species and its unique needs
  • Understand client behaviours
  • Be the ideal person to be a 'Cat Advocate' in your practice
  • Have 'Cattitude'!

Price: £110.00