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Our online courses help us to sharing knowledge, insights, skills and current best practice with you so you can feel confident in your ability to help cats.

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Feline Dentistry - Interactive Case-Based Learning

Designed for Vets, this course presents interactive cases to work through, for example dental charting tasks and anaesthesia decision-making activities. This course will give you the confidence to identify dental abnormalities, formulate and carry out the ideal treatment plan for the individual, resulting in patients free of oral discomfort and happy owners!

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Course Bundle: An Introduction to Feline Behaviour and Feline Health

Aimed at cat owners, feline enthusiasts and cat professionals, this course bundle includes 2 courses. Ever wondered how well you really know your cat or the cats you work with? The Getting to know your Cat: An introduction to Feline Behaviour course will give you an introduction into the reasons cats behave in the way they do and how we as owners and cat care givers can best provide for their behavioural needs. The Cat Care for Life: An introduction to feline health course provides an introduction into how we can work alongside veterinary professionals to keep cats healthy by helping to prevent disease throughout their lifetimes

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ISFM Advanced Feline Behaviour for Veterinary Professionals

This course will will be of great use for anyone wishing to pursue a career in clinical animal behaviour or for those already qualified, by providing a solid foundation in many aspects of cat behaviour. The course will provide you with the knowledge and skills in many areas of feline behaviour. 

5th May 2022 Online